How to Resolve HP Printer Error Code 0x61011be5?

HP Printer Error 0x61011be5 occurs due to printhead failure or carriage jam. In this blog, Printer Support Helpline Experts will tell you about the error as well as the solution. To Resolve HP Printer Error Code 0x61011be5 just read the easy steps are given below.

Causes of HP Error 0x61011be5

  1. Printhead Failure Issue
  2. Carriage Jam Issue
Resolve HP Printer Error Code 0x61011be5

Steps to Resolve HP Printer Error Code 0x61011be5

Here are the Steps to Fix HP Printer Error 0x61011be5

Step 1: In this first step, Switch on Your Device

Step 2: After Turn on your device, just disconnect all the power cables

Step 3: After removing all the cables from the cords, wait for 3 minutes

Step 4: Now you have to reconnect all the power cable with your printer and outlet

Step 5: Now again unplug the cables from the printer and you have to make sure that your printer should be on

Step 6: Now again wait for a minute

Step 7: Now push and Hold “#” and “6” while plugging while plugging power cable again

Step 8: Now just release the power button key after connecting the power cable to your device.

Step 9: Now be careful (when you open your printer device) and wait for the carriage to slide a little

Steps 10: Now remove the cartridges from your printer carefully

Step 11: Now clean your printer printhead and ink cartridges with soft cotton cloth

Step 12: Now wait until your cartridges will dry

Step 13: After following these steps, now put the cartridge in the printhead carefully

Step 14: After applying the cartridges, if the error still occurs, then you have to replace the cartridges

Note: It can happen when cartridges are defective.

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