How to Fix Printer Spooler Error?

It’s too annoying to see the Printer Spooler Error message on our printer’s screen. People find themselves unable to sort the issue because most of them don’t know exactly what this error is all about, and what a printer spooler is, and how it works. 

This article is all about explaining what spooler is, and why do we need this for our printer.

What is Printer Spooler?

In short, the spooler is a kind of medium between the computer and the printer to simplify the printing process. This is majorly required if the printer is placed in the office, where several employees are working, and most of the time, the printer has to perform the printing process for more than one person at once. 

Spooler makes the process organized by making the printer efficient enough in completing the printing tasks in an arranged manner, it also allows multiple people to use the printer at once, we don’t have to wait for the completion of one printing job before the next one, and spooler puts all the documents to be printed in a queue. 

And when this spooler discontinues working, it can hamper our work, that is why this is something which must be fixed, so don’t worry we have got you some effective ways for Printer Spooler Error.

Printer Spooler Error

Steps to Fix Printer Spooler Error

When each document is placed in the print queue by the spooler, so at times, it starts creating jams, and makes all the documents that are about to print get stuck in the queue, which makes the spooler incapable of translating the documents to the printer, and then refuses to perform the next printing tasks. 

Here resetting the spooler may help in cleaning this queue. Follow the below-mentioned steps for resetting the spooler.

  • Click the “start” button, and search “administrative tools”, a list will appear, select “services”.
  • Then scroll down a bit, you will see “print spooler”.
  • Right-click on print spooler, and select “stop”.
  • Then go to the “my computer”, double click on “local disk C”, then click “windows” folder, then “system 32” folder, then “spool” folder, and then “printer”.
  • In the “printer” folder, delete all the print jobs.
  • Go back again to “services”, then right-click on “print spooler”, now select “start”.

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Printer Support Number

Reset Printer Spooler with the help of Printer Support Team

These are some steps to Reset Printer Spooler, hope it works, take a test print to make sure you’ve solved the issue, if it’s still the same, then consider calling a professional.