How to Troubleshoot HP Printer Error 1722?

One of the major problems with HP Envy 5530 to Troubleshoot HP Printer Error 1722 that would be installation error and it always shows failed to add port monitor HP discovery Port Monitor, whenever we try to install the HP basic x64 drivers always there is come across the error 1722 and  causes of the error 1722 are incomplete installation, improper deletion of applications or hardware issue, also there is, other reason shows virus or malicious attack or improper turn off of the computer or laptop . This program files sometimes corrupted or lost which can also be the actual issue of the occurrence of the HP error 1722, due to error code 1722 Windows computer may be restarted itself, occasional boot errors as well, PC (computer) is running slow and it always takes a long time to launch the application. For Troubleshoot HP Printer Error 1722, call Printer Support Helpline experts.

HP Printer Error 1722

Steps to Troubleshoot HP Printer Error 1722

Step 1: First open the run command by pressing the start key and type service.msc and push enter key.

Step 2: And click on the Windows Installer.

Step 3: After that set the startup option and type windows Installer to manual.

Step 4: Then click on start the service key, and carefully note down the error message if, there is no error then click on OK key.

Step 5: And quit the all Windows programs as well.

Step 6: Click on start button again open the Run command type msiexec or unregistered in the open box and then simply click on OK key.

Step 7: After that, re-start your computer

Printer Toll Free Number

If the above mentioned steps are not sufficient to resolve your HP Envy 5530 to Troubleshoot HP Envy 5530 Printer Error 1722 issue, so, kindly get in touch with our HP qualified technicians to fix the problem simply dialing our Printer Toll Free Number 1-877-734-4797 to get instant help from experts.