How to Fix HP Error Code 79?

Once you receive the 79 Service Error Code on your HP Printer, intensely turn off then turn on the device. If the HP printer displays this kind of error chances may be internal firmware errors. To Fix HP Error Code 79, here are some steps are given below by Printer Support experts.

Fix HP Error Code 79

Steps to Fix HP Error Code 79

Method 1:

Step 1: First scan your device to find the issues that could be causing PC problems as well.

Step 2: Then repair all to fix the issues.

Step 3: Switch the printer power turn off.

Step 4: Wait at least 30 to 40 seconds.

Step 5: After that turn on the power.

Step 6: And wait for printer to initialize all things.

Note – If you are using power surge protector to make sure first you remove the surge protector, then plug the printer directly to the wall cord, before switching on the power.

If the Error 79 Service Error still persists on the printer’s display, kindly following the below steps:

Method 2:

1: First disconnect all networks or USB cables from the power supply and check its firmware is updated or not, if not make sure firmware would be newer version is available.

2: So as to discover your printer firmware adaptation, print a Configuration Report from the printer’s control board, or you can likewise visit the HP Support page to check for the most recent firmware variant accessible.

3: Also, delete all print jobs from your device and from other computers as well and connected to the printer once again, then perform the test print, so you can get the idea, is the device working or not.  

And if you just installed the memory DIMM in your HP printer device so, here’s is the easy steps to resolve the HP Error Code 79.

Method 3:

Step 1: First you need to switch off the printer and remove the DIMM.

Step 2: Then re-install the DIMM from your printer.

Step 3: Switch on the HP printer device. If the error 79 issue still occurs kindly, follow the few steps.

Step 4: Remove the installed DIMMS.

Step 5: Check if the print works fine or not, if it’s not, then installs the DIMM which would be supported by your printer.

Printer Support Helpline

If in case if you still unable to Fix HP Error Code 79, kindly get in touch with our Printer Support Helpline team by dialing our Toll Free Number 1-877-734-4797 for your further assistance.