How to Fix Epson Scanner Error Code 9923?

Epson Scanner Error Code 9923 occurs due to communication problem. This Error Code is generated when you are trying to scan files or documents by an Epson printer. To Fix Epson Scanner Error Code 9923, read the easy steps are given below by Printer Support expert’s team.

Fix Epson Scanner Error Code 9923

Steps to Fix Epson Scanner Error Code 9923

Step 1. Check the connection

To fix the error code 9923, first you need to check the USB adapter and the power cables are connected properly.

This error also depends on the connection failure.

So, you need to check the switchboard and cables.

Step 2. Restart the scanner

First of all, you need to switch the scanner and remove all the cords associated with the scanner. Then, wait for a moment, and then put back into the scanner all the wires.

Then switch on the scanner.

If you are unable to fix error code 9923, try the next section together.

Step 3. Reset printer

After that, choose the Printers and Scanners option.

Then, click Reset Printing System.

Navigate to the application option and choose Epson Printer. Then, restart the system to fix the problem.

Step 4. Update the driver

One of the effective solutions is to update the driver.

You need to check that any update is available for the scanner driver.

To check, go to the control panel option. After that, click on the Programs and Features option and then find the Programs option.

A list of applications will appear on your screen. Then find the scanner driver and update the driver accordingly.

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Printer Helpline Number

Fix Epson Scanner Error by Printer Support Helpline Team

Overall, these are solutions to Fix Epson Printer Scanner Error Code 9923. Hope, after going through these steps and applying them properly, you can solve the error without any trouble. If you are not able to fix this issue, then you need to contact with our live chat support team or call our toll free number to get instant help.