How to Fix Epson Ink Pad Full Error?

A very common error on Epson printers is the ink pad error. This error occurs when the printer reaches its maximum printable pages according to the manufacturer. If we get this error, we can still use the ink pad. To Fix Epson Ink Pad Full Error, follow the easy steps are given below by Printer Support Helpline Team.

Fix Epson Ink Pad Full Error

Steps to Fix Epson Ink Pad Full Error

1. We need software to fix it Called “WIC Reset. Download it

2. Extract the file and Run Adjprog.exe;

3. Now we see a popup here we need to press Select.

4. Not select the printer Model and Press “OK”.

5. Now press “Particular adjustment Mode”.

6. Select “Waste ink Pad Error” from list and press “OK”.

7. Press “Check” for connection test with printer and see the exact value of Error.

8. Check the main pad counter and press start, press “OK” on the pop-up window.

9. Now restart you Epson printer.

10. After the printer is restarted, the Error must be reset.

If these steps don’t work you can try theses.

How to Replace an Ink Pad on an Epson Printer?

1. Spread plastic or newspaper on a table and place your unplugged printer on it.

2. Remove the viewing panel, with a flat head screwdriver, carefully close the panel.

3. Find ink waste tubes. If you cannot easily grasp the tubes with your fingers then you may need to use needle nose pliers to accomplish this.

4. Remove the old pad. This is a messy job, so make sure the area around the printer is covered with material that you don’t have ink on.

5. Change pad you can buy a clean pad at a computer parts store, but they can be difficult to find and expensive.

6. Reset the counter and get rid of the error message. To do this you will need to download the software. You can download it for free at Run the program on the computer connected to the printer. This will allow you to reset the counter to zero and dismiss the error message.

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Printer Helpline Number

Fix Epson Printer Error by Printer Support Experts

After doing all these steps above you are not able to Fix Epson Ink Pad Error, and then you have needed to contact Printer Helpline Number. Here you will find all solution related to your printer.